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A brief description about Betway contact

This famous online bookmaker Betway started its journey in 2006. This betting site got a license from regulating agency named Malta gaming authority and the UK gambling commission.

So players can trust this betting site completely. So there is no fear of transferring data, personal details to a third party. This online betting site is operated by Betway limited.

Players have to complete the age of 18 to be eligible for placing a bet from this online bookmaker. Here players can enjoy various games such as casinos, sports, live betting options.

Punters can place a bet on several sports betting like cycling, horseracing, golf, rugby, football, cricket, boxing, and many others. Players can select 15 different languages for betting.

The customer support system of Betway contact us betway site

This online bookmaker Betway is open 24×7. The representatives of the customer support system are friendly, professional. Players feel free to ask any question anytime. Their professional attitude and knowledge help players mitigate their problems as early as possible.

How players can email Betway?

If players want to modify their personal information, they can talk to one of the customer representative’s live chat agents. On the other hand, customers can send an email to the customer supports system [email protected] with the changes they need.

How players lodge customer complaints of Betway

If players are not satisfied with the response of the customer support procedure, they can raise a formal complaint.

Any kind of customer claim should be submitted within 6 months of a problem occurring. To make sure the complaint of punters quickly, they are asked to submit the email address given to this betting site.

Customers will be sent a copy of the company’s complaints procedure when players communicate via email address. Otherwise, they are asked to copy anytime by communicating customer support to contact betway support

To make sure about the claim, players have to add some information here.

  • The username or password of the player
  • The registered name and surname of the player
  • A explanation of the complaint given in detail
  • Particular date and time-related with the complaint

The best endeavor will be given to solve any reported issue quickly based upon receipt. The issue will be resolved maximum within 10days  from the day of receiving the complaint. In particular cases, the company can extend the time of solving the claim further by 10days based on valid reasons.

If customers are not happy with the resolution of the claim, they can send this matter to one of the company’s ADR entities. If you have any doubt regarding the matter of cheating, you can simply contact with customer complaints section.

Alternative dispute resolution

If after finishing the procedure of complaint, Betway cannot reach an agreement, customers can refer this matter to ADR.  This will perform as a neutral adjudicator on disputes that occur between customer and Betway.

  1. The players have been via bookmaker’s internal customer complaint process
  2. A deadlock related to resolution prevails

ADRs available to the players are eCOGRA. Players do not have to pay anything and the ruling offered by ADR is final for customer and Betway.